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Publication of Military Social Science




 ISSN:2664-2700            DOI:10.6915/PMSS            GPN:2010801424

Founded in December, 2005


1.Publishing Institute: National Defense University

2.Publisher: Hsin-Lung Wang

3.Director: Directorate of Political Warfare, National Defense University

4.Vice Director: Directorate of Military Common Curriculum Center, Colonel Zhang-Ming Zhou

5.Founded in December, 2005, this journal originally aimed to collect research findings from our colleagues as a teaching reference. In order to maximize the effects, in addition to  achieving the overall goal of school        development to “construct a military and culture exchange platform, integrate national defense research energy, and strengthen academic exchanges...,”"Military Social Science Special Issues Magazine" and "Editing and Review Committee" have been established since the 15th issue. Calling for external papers and two-way anonymous review mechanism have been adopted with a view to setting up an academic exchange platform, promoting the research atmosphere, and establishing the school's leading position in the field of military social sciences.

6.Calling for papers of all year, the journal publishes two issues in March and August respectively each year. The Republic of China Armed Forces officers and soldiers both on and off campus (including civilian teachers, hired personnel, etc.) and folk scholars (including the military servicemen) are all welcomed to provide military social science theory and practice, research papers in related fields, such as political operations, research summary, literature review (review) and other articles. After the paper is examined and approved, the author will be, according to the regulations (NT$1,020 per thousand words), paid and given a copy of the current edition. 

7.With an aim to maximizing the extended education effects and broadening the world view, humanity, and social literacy of the high-ranking cadres of the armed forces, the research results from the journals are gradually included in the supplemental textbooks for the political training courses of the national army as extended education.