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1. Q:How to apply for national defense in-service roving education?
A: Please link to the Ministry of National Defense Information and Warfare Information Service Network → Convenience Service → On-the-job roving education on.
2. Q:How to get information about the National Defense Education SummerCamp?
A: Please visit the National Defense Education Summer Camp to get relevant information.
3. Q:How to apply for the National Defense Nansha Research Camp?
A: In order to strengthen the youth students' understanding and support of the national South China Sea policy, the Ministry of National Defense publishes the report from January to February each year.Name badge, each school selects 1 teacher and 6 members of the master team to register, after the public lottery, participate Various echelon study activities.
4. Q: How to understand China's South China Sea policy and the history of Nansha Taiping Island?
A: You can join the "National Defense Nansha Study Camp Facebook Book Page" as long as you join this fan group, subscribe to this book.The special page will inform you about the South China Sea issues and defense information, and will hold prizes from time to time.



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